Wedding & Events

We are delighted to be able to host your wedding or your next event at Tins & Fins, Margate.

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Sample Wedding Breakfast Menu:


Lamb Shoulder

 coconut herb salad, chilli mayo herb sauce

Roast Lechon Crispy Pork Belly 

apple fennel puree, fennel & onion salsa

Chicken Inisal

Pickle salad

Tilapia Wrapped in Banana Leaf

Pineapple & cucumber salsa

Ukoy Fritters

Lemongrass chilli dip

Sides & Salads

Rosemary Potatoes maple glazed carrots

Roasted Cauliflower coconut yoghurt, capers, coconut flakes, dijon (vg/n/gf)

King Prawn pineapple, cucumber kinlaw

Flat Bread garlic butter

Steam Rice spring onion, crispy shallots

Arroz Valenciana 


Kalamansi Panna Cotta passion fruit, toasted coconut (v)

Maja Blanca corn custard cake, popcorn (vegan)

Biko Sticky Rice Pudding latik (vegan)

Party Platter Menu

Platters – Quantity of 8


Oysters ginger, radish, kalamansi, palm vinegar, jalapeno salsa (gf)   24

Sea Bream Kinilaw papaya, coconut milk, kalamansi ponzu    40

Tuna Tartare Kinilaw cucumber, torched peach, shrimp crackers (gf) 45

 Salmon Kilawin mango, red pepper, jalapeno, coconut vinegar (gf)  40 

Inihaw /Skewers 

Chilli Prawn & Pineapple cucumber 40

Chicken Thighs pickle salad  32

Pork Collar apple fennel puree, fennel onion salsa 40 

Lamb Shoulder herb salad, chilli mayo herb sauce 45 

Asparagus miso cashew beer batter (vegan)   20

Small Plates & Sides

Halloumi fingers, paprika, banana ketchup  16 

Slow Roasted Pork Belly jalapeno salsa, miso sauce 24 



Rice Pudding latik, mango  24